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MidMichigan Therapeutic Massage Care (MMTMC) was co-founded by Shannon L. Oriedo, a two-decade veteran practitioner of physical therapy healthcare services in the Mid-Michigan region. Shannon L. Oriedo is the MMTMC Managing Director & Massage Therapy Specialist.

The impetus of founding the MMTMC is Shannon's motivation  and desire to provide patients/individuals with the most effective physical rehabilitation or wellness health care services comprising interdisciplinary and integrative evidence-based modalities in the complementary healthcare fields of massage and physical therapy; care that  yields sustainable outcomes.

As a result, the history of MidMichigan Therapeutic Massage Care is a chronicle of integrating the best and most effective osteopathic manipulative modalities of physical therapy and massage care into a healthcare massage program that’s accessible, tailored to an individual’s treatment needs and results-driven, and administered with a strict clinical approach.    The MMTMC history is a narrative of improving the quality of living, one person at a time, for those in the mid-Michigan communities which the MMTMC serves with compassion and intrepidly. 

Moreover, Shannon's founding of the MMTMC is fueled by personal and professional experiences of witnessing loved ones and patients, alike, endure degenerative and excruciatingly encumbering quality of living due to injury or disease. For instance, her father, a workaholic breadwinner and a devout parent/husband, endured a lengthy degenerative and excruciatingly encumbering quality of living before he passed away at a relatively young age!

The history of the MMTMC also draws from Shannon's prescient understanding that for those afflicted with disease or injury, rehabilitative care (therapy) is a vital step in a recovery process; similarly, therapeutic massage care is vital to disease or injury prevention, hence healthiness. 

MidMichigan Therapeutic Massage Care is an embodiment of Shannon’s core values of respect, accountability, and patient empowerment.

Hence, the MMTMC promotes patient-empowerment via a process of patient-centric edification that empowers the patient to be adeptly engaged and presciently cognizant of self-advocacy for the virtuous cause of the inviolability of one’s healthiness. 

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The history of MidMichigan Therapeutic Massage Care is a history of mining yesterday's knowledge to discern tomorrow’s vanguard healthcare services for today’s needs. A history of promoting the sanctity of life, inviolable healthiness, by improving the quality of living one person at a time; it's the history of Hippocrates and Imhotep.

 "The physician must be acquainted with many things and assuredly with massage “
Hippocrates—The Father of Western Medicine (4th Century B.C.)