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Candor is uncompromisingly

intrinsic to our business culture; a culture that embodies deep-rooted moral scrupulous and professional code of conduct.


At MidMichigan Therapeutic Massage Care, we believe that trust, respect, integrity, and responsibility (accountability), and an adeptly engaged patient (client) engender the necessary effective dialoguing elements that lead to a successful treatment outcome, patient (client) satisfaction; and ultimately, loyalty.


MidMichigan Therapeutic Massage Care (MMTMC) is a National Board Certified and State of Michigan Licensed medical and health-wellness & fitness therapeutic massage care program, geographically located within the City of Midland in the great State of Michigan; principally serving the Mid-Michigan communities of Midland, Bay, and Saginaw counties.

​We take great pride in offering the people of Mid-Michigan, a healthcare program (a massage therapy in Midland) with evidence-based (tried, tested and true) integrative and interdisciplinary massage therapy techniques/modalities, outcome-driven and individualized patient/client-centric massage therapy benefits; care that’s dispensed with a strict clinical approach. A medical rehabilitation and health-wellness practice that has gained us a reputation as the most knowledgeable and effective, but also accessible, therapeutic massage care program in the area.


We embrace our patient’s (client’s) individuality.  At the MMTMC we treat you with utmost reverence and compassionate care. Our services are patient(client)-centric; tailored to address your health care needs.

​Come partner with us in pursuit of your health-wellness, physical fitness, or rehabilitation needs.  We guarantee that we have something to relax your body and sooth your mind, help you attain your sports or exercise fitness goals, facilitate with your recovery from injury or disease, or help you cope with treatment effects of diseases such as cancer. 


To attain this noble objective, we educate, empower, and adeptly engage our patients in a facilitative and integrative approach towards the furtherance of the patient’s healthiness or treatment goals, one person at a time.

Aptly, our program is uniquely structured to provide compassionate massage care services that are evidence-based, outcome-driven, and individually patient-tailored; a therapeutic massage care with a strict clinical approach.

The success of our mission is guided by our core values of trust, respect, responsibility/accountability, integrity, confidentiality, and embrace of patient/client loyalty drivers


We are a compassionate therapeutic massage healthcare practice improving the quality of living, one person at a time, in the mid-Michigan communities of Midland, Bay, and Saginaw counties by way of clinical evidence-based outcome-driven care. 


All our services are clinically evidence-based and results-driven.  Treatment is administered with a strict clinical approach.  We take full responsibility for our obligations and deliver on all our pledges. The MMTMC empowers you to be an adeptly engaged consumer of our services. 

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Trust is of paramount importance in our relationship with our patients(clients).  We’re resolute in our quest to both earn and sustain your esteem trust.  We take confidentiality with utter earnestness of maintaining your privacy.  The MMTMC adheres to requirements outlined by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  

​​​​​​Appointments: (989) 450-0363